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"Finding a way to financial freedom!" - The True Story of Mr. Abdul Jabbar

Abdul owns a bulb manufacturing unit at Timarpur, New Delhi. He has been running the unit for 15 years.

Abdul has been looking for opportunities to expand his business but lacking access to the right sources of credit, he faced quite a few pitfalls. Some of which pushed him back a few steps but he came out of each with renewed vigour. As he was on the lookout for better and trustworthy sources of credit, Abdul reached out to Sub-K.

After the due diligence, Abdul received Small Business Loan and that set course to realising his dreams.

Abdul used the amount to boost his stock of raw material and that eventually helped him to increase the overall profitability of his unit and reach out to more customers as well.

Today, he is no longer worried about exorbitant interest rates or immense pressure set by moneylenders.

Abdul’s dedication and ambition are inspiring. We at Sub-K, hope to continue serving many like him and be a part of their journeys in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.