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“It takes obstacles to learn, grow, and be better!” – The true story of Ms Punam Kumari

Any hardship has the potential to push a person towards success and that’s what Ms Punam Kumari proved. Punam from Horma village, Gaya, stood up to the challenges that she faced and defeated them successfully!

Punam aspired to be an entrepreneur and help with her household expenditure. Initially, she started and ran a small tailoring business, which she later expanded with cosmetics from the profits that she started to earn. Life seemed bright until a tragedy brought down her life crumbling. Her husband who was a government teacher passed away.

Life became tougher when her in-laws refused to help her and her three children in any way. Her husband always wanted their children to study well and be successful one day and that’s what she wanted too. She had decided that she would fulfill that dream and while she was searching for a good opportunity, she learned about Bank Sakhi.

Bank Sakhi was a joint program by JEEViKA and Sub-K IMPACT, a corporate business correspondent of the Partner Bank. The Bank Sakhis provide banking services to any community and save them from the mental and physical exertion of going to a bank branch. A Bank Sakhi uses a biometric device and/or smartphone to provide banking services.

According to Punam, she met her personal goals and helped her community greatly after becoming a  Bank Sakhi. She observed that women customers have grown exponentially in numbers and have exceeded their male counterparts. She believes that her female customers are more comfortable comparatively doing any financial transaction. She says that the bank is almost 5 miles away and people visit her outlet more than going to the bank mainly because it is convenient! Punam also provides doorstep services to those who are physically challenged and elderly.

Punam’s dedication as a Bank Sakhi makes us proud. She is a living example. The way she worked with the utmost dedication and honesty to achieve her social and personal goals is truly inspiring.