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FY 2019-20 Year End Review

6.2 Mn
Customers Served

No Of Agent Outlets

23+ Bn
Savings mobilized

(in INR)

12+ Bn
Credit Portfolio

(In INR)






About Us

Sub-K IMPACT Solutions Limited (Formerly known as BASIX Sub-K iTransactions Limited) bridges the financial divide between banks and underserved population by effectively leveraging technology and local entrepreneurship

Sub-K creates a high-tech high-touch operating infrastructure at the last mile connectivity to deliver meaningful financial services through a capital light model and a wide distribution network


Highly efficient delivery of financial services, enabled by in-house technologies


Sprawling network of agents covering most remote parts of the country


Geography agnostic, plug and play operational model


Sub-K’s innovation lies in offering diversified and curated financial services through digital means coupled with last mile connectivity. As a result, the services are cost effective, customer centric, highly accessible and crafted according to the needs of the financially and digitally excluded population

Agent Network Management

Sub-K IMPACT Solutions Ltd operates, manages, and controls inclusive transactions on end-to-end basis and offers a gamut of financial and non-services to end customers through recruitment and training of local entrepreneurs as “Business Correspondent Agents” who serve as human ATMs at the last mile of connectivity

Credit Facilitation - Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Sub-K’s business model of facilitating bank financing to MSMEs is a unique and effective approach for reaching out to informal micro-businesses which otherwise would not have been the preferred customer choice for traditional banks given their operational constraints

Credit Facilitation - Microfinance

Under the credit facilitation services, Sub-K IMPACT Solutions Ltd provides affordable, accessible, and door-step microfinance loans to women across the country. Centered around our clients, the microfinance model follows Joint Liability Group methodology which leverages on social capital of the women in a community. Sub-K’s technical assistance and feet-on-the-street allows us to provide financial assistance to a greater number of women and also provide financial literacy guidance to support their day-to-day lives.

Whispers From The Field

Read how Sub-K has made a difference in the lives of its customers and agents