Sub-K on the news

Sub-K acquires 25% stake in Prayaan Capital

The new partnership between Prayaan Capital and Sub-K will help drive digital innovations faster and build a robust franchise serving this segment.


Jazbe ko Salaam – Sub-K & GFI

Sub-K IMPACT Solutions Limited and Grameen Foundation India (GFI) came together to honor Women BC Agents at the Jazbe Ko Salaam event to mark the celebration of International Women’s Day. These agents were recognized for their outstanding contributions and achievements in different categories.

Sub-K distributes Waterwheels as a CSR Initiative

Waterwheel has the capacity to carry 45 Litres of water at a time; it is two times more efficient than head loading and in only two rounds one can carry as much as 90 liters of water which is sufficient for a family of 4 to 5 on a daily basis. All this makes water wheels an effective, safe, and durable alternative to carrying water in pots over one’s head.

Potential of Indian rural economy for FinTech Industry

Sub–K started as a savings-centric model an entry point strategy wherein the objective was to enable a large number of unbanked rural population to open savings bank accounts and to perform basic banking transactions at the village level. A tech platform was built in-house that can perform real-time banking transactions using a feature phone and facilitated by agents deployed on behalf of banks.

Tech creating new avenues for digital financial inclusion

Financial inclusion is one of the key drivers of economic growth. Now make it digital and it becomes a game-changer. Financial inclusion is easy to adopt and scale when it is digital. The world had gradually been moving towards digitization, but the pandemic forced the shifting of gears to immensely accelerate the journey.

Customer-facing app: Singular interface between customers and Bank

It has been a quarter of a century (1996) since electronic banking was started in India, followed by online banking about three years later (1999). And nearly two decades since mobile banking was started with SMS (in 2002). Since then, banking services have seen a sea change. So much so that one does not need to visit the branch for any transaction.


SMEs facing uncertainty post Covid-19

Surge in digital payments and lending is certainly helping a certain section of customers. This segment is expected to grow exponentially as traditional lenders take time to warm up and revise their credit policies.

Significance of Financial Literacy

While financial literacy can be a life-changer for the most vulnerable people of our society, for most others it can help bridge the wealth gap and facilitate economic mobility.

Focus on culture, not technology, Key to Digital Transformation

There’s no doubt that technological developments create cool new tools. However, it is the culture that powers and sustains meaningful change. Organizations that ignore culture transformation, risk transformation failure.