Why Join Us?

Challenge Status Quo

As a business, Sub-K is committed to challenging the status quo. This involves not only being innovative and customer-centric, but also staying on top of our game. Each of our departments and their specialists have their own unique ways of dominating their field. When you join, you will have a safe space to question the norm and tread a new path!

Innovate Financial Experiences

In today’s digital environment, ongoing innovation is critical to our success. Rethinking way of doing business is the key to driving innovation, improving customer experiences, boosting reliability and security, and staying competitive. With us, you will get the chance to think out of the box, test your ideas, and execute them in the real world!

Transform Lives

Everything you do here will impact the lives of millions of people who look towards Sub-K as a trusted financial services provider. You will have the opportunity to transform the lives of individuals and communities and create a ripple effect that drives growth across the global economy!

Our Culture

We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion. We ensure that our employees work in an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We are constantly working on creating a workspace that has enables us to stride forward and achieve our goals.

Work-Life Balance

We aim to provide our employees with overall personal, financial, and professional well-being by offering a complete benefits package centered on health and wellness with flexible working hours, work-at-home schemes, as well as open and collaborative workspaces.


Together, we transform lives by enabling financial inclusion through innovation and excellence: That is our mission at Sub-K. The fintech industry is undergoing rapid changes and we aim to drive forward innovative solutions that help our customers in their day-to-day lives.


We not only provide access to credit but also empower our customers to live a sustainable financial life. It is our constant pursuit to make a bigger difference to our customers’ livelihoods in a responsible, fair, transparent, and ethical manner.

Learning & Development

We take care of our employees’ overall learning and development needs to ensure their overall personality and skill development. We have launched our own learning and development platform called E-Shiksha to develop employees’ social and task related competencies at various stages of their career.

Rewards & Benefits

Sub-K takes care of employees with multiple incentives, health, accident and life insurance policies and much more.