Life at Sub-K

At Sub-K, we know that success means different things to different people: from climbing the leadership ladder to striking the perfect work-life balance and everything in between. So we go to great lengths to ensure that employees have every opportunity to succeed in their own way. But no matter how you define success, collaboration will be a big part of life at Sub-K, with more than 2000 of us flourishing in an environment that encourages open and free expression of ideas. We invite you to work alongside other creative thinkers from many different backgrounds – and collaborate to help run the world better and improve people’s lives.

More than just a Company

We, at Sub-K, take care of our employees and consider them to be a part of our family; in return, they take care of the work, and that is how the business takes care of itself. Together, we have climbed to great heights of success, and it is their commitment to the Vision and Mission that has made Sub-K stride forward to achieve its social goals.

A company can make employees work to achieve unreachable targets, or they can ensure that employees are given SMART goals and the right environment to work towards those goals, and are recognized for their contribution which will motivate them to do more – we, at Sub-K, are all about the latter. We recognize the hard work and dedication of our employees who give their best to meet their goals, and we ensure that they get enough opportunity to be creative, innovative and forward thinking.

More than just a Workplace

We don’t see our employees as just our workforce; they are our company’s life force as well. We make sure that our employees are comfortable in the workplace, can interact freely and have fun regularly. We organize various activities and celebrate every important day with our employees. One of our primary goals is to make sure that our employees can balance work and life efficiently.