Agent Network Mangement (ANM)

Agent Network Management (ANM) vertical plays a pivotal role in achieving the dream of a Financially Included India. ANM aims to provide banking & non-banking services in the most remote and underbanked parts of the country in an easy, affordable, and transparent manner. Customers can undertake banking transactions, such as account opening, balance enquicash withdrawal, cash deposits, account transfer, DBT transactions, and Social Security Schemes (PMSBY, PMJJBY & APY), among others without having to travel long distances to the nearest bank branch.

Sub-K operates and manages end-to-end transaction flow by recruiting, training, and equipping local entrepreneurs as ‘Business Correspondent Sub Agents,’ also referred as Customer Service Points (CSPs)/Bank Mitras, who serve as human ATMs at the last mile of connectivity between the Bank and the end customer by leveraging India Stack ecosystem through AePS, IMPS, and UPI integrations.

Sub-K also provides G2C AND B2C services via eMitra’s, an e-governance initiative by the Government of Rajasthan through Public Private Partnership (PPP) model for convenience and transparency to its citizens. The services include utility bill payments, application and digitally signed certificates, banking, telemedicine, e-commerce services, and several other online services.

Sub-K creates a profitable and sustainable eco-system for the BC sub agent, and Banks while serving the customers with real time banking and non-banking solutions. Beginning from establishing the BC sub agent to rendering full-time support via regular visits and connectivity over the phone. In this manner, Sub-K ensures a continued flow of operations to support our agents and customers.

Core Competencies

  1. In-house core technology –ViTranS
  2. Wide and robust network of agents
  3. Dedicated field & supervisory staff which helps in real-time complaint resolution & coordinating with both agents & banks
  4. In-house dedicated Production, Technical and Helpdesk teams.

ANM Highlights