Now Loan Payments are EASIER & FASTER using ‘Sub-K Pay’

Sub-K Pay app is an one-stop solution where one can easily avail microfinance loans with easy and fast repayments from different banks and Fintech partners offered through Sub-K.

Features of Sub-K Pay

  • It is simple, secure, and easy to use
  •  You can avail multiple services with a simple click
  • All products & services are available 24×7 on your mobile
  • EMIs can be paid digitally, so no need to worry about keeping cash at home
  • You can check their credit score for free through our Credit Score Calculator
  • You can track your EMI from submitting loan application to loan disbursement and check the payment history of all the EMI instalments
  • You can easily download digital payment receipts online for group/individual payments
  • You can calculate their EMI payments in advance before applying for a loan

To Apply for new Microfinance Loan

  1. Install the Sub-K Pay app from the Play store
  2. Select any product or feature
  3. Register and create a new account with just your mobile number
  4. Fill out your basic information and then submit the application
  5. The eligible applicants will receive an application ID for successful submission and our call centre will reach out to assist you in the journey of taking a service.
  6. Our field staff present across 300+ districts will reach out to the app customers for further application process and help in disbursement of the loan amount from banks

To Pay your existing MFI Loan EMIs

  1. Install the Sub-K Pay app from the Playstore
  2. Select the Bank
  3. Login using your customer ID or Loan account number
  4. Select Pay EMI option
  5. Select one or all group members for whom you would like to pay the EMI
  6. Pay EMI through various payment options

Currently, the application is available in English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and Telugu language. More languages will be offered over coming months.

Pay your EMI using Sub-K Pay App


Select your bank

Select the desired bank


Enter your name

Mobile Number

Enter your 10 digit mobile number

Customer ID (Or)

Enter your 7 digit Customer ID

Loan Account Number

Enter your Loan account number

Click the Submit Button

Pay Loan EMI using Sub-K Pay





Dos & Don’ts

while doing Digital Payments

  • Always cross-check if the merchant name is “Sub-K IMPACT Solutions” before authenticating the payment
  • Always check if there’s any discrepancy between the transaction SMS details and actual transaction
  • Always install Sub-K Pay app from only Google Play Store
  • Always check if you have received SMS confirmation for each individual customer, after Payment. If not, please contact any Sub-K staff or inform Sub-K at the toll free number 1800 258 5566
  • If anyone else is paying on your behalf, it’s your duty to cross check if they have received a confirmation SMS from Sub-K about your payment
  • Don’t share your OTP with anyone else
  • Avoid sharing your Debit/Credit card number, CVV and PIN or UPI PIN with anyone. Sub-K or any Bank staff will never ask you for such sensitive financial information.

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