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“Delivering Excellence, Improving Financial Access!” – The True Story of Ms Ruchika Shringi

Ms Ruchika Shringi operates in Kota’s Rampura area, Rajasthan as a Business Correspondent Sub-agent.

She came to know about BCSA (Business Correspondent Sub-agent) services when she was working part-time with a bank. She decided then and there that she would set up a customer service point and become an agent. Her father supported Ruchika’s decision and helped her in every possible way throughout the process.

Over time, Ruchika’s remarkable Customer engagement skills and exceptional communication earned her a diverse and dedicated customer base. She operates for 12 hours; from 8 am in the morning to 8 pm at night. Such convenient timing ensures that most people can avail these services easily.

In just a year, her commitment helped in delivering social services schemes and her CSP got a remarkable recognition among the best at the Sub-K Agent Conclave of this year!

Ms Ruchika is pursuing her higher education and at the same time, running her CSP. Ms Ruchika epitomized how multitasking can achieve the best results and for that Sub-K is proud of her.