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FY 2019-20: The Year in Review

With each passing year, we at Sub-K, move closer to our mission of transforming lives by enabling financial inclusion through innovation and excellence, and every member of the Sub-K family plays an essential role in this constant endeavour. We believe in celebrating our achievements by acknowledging our collective contribution which pushes us forward and helps us keep our goals well within sight

During the last year, we have strengthened our technology, reinforced our customer communication, and improved our financial position. We have forged new partnerships with banks and payment service providers, venturing into new geographies with better service delivery. We have raised fresh equity, secured a new credit line and been profitable for the sixth consecutive year.

Sub-K recognizes that the future lies in digital transformation and we have consciously worked towards digitizing every aspect of our services. Starting from creating a paperless onboarding mechanism, we have enabled 100% cashless disbursements and piloted cashless collections.

We have also launched an e-learning platform and focused on providing training opportunities to boost our employee’s learning curve. We have highlighted our employees, agents, and customers, who are our most important stakeholders and who have first-hand witnessed the impact we have sought to create in their lives, through our social media handles.

This year, we are all set to reach new heights, overcoming any and all challenges that may come our way, to take Sub-K to the next level.

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