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“Inclusive growth leads to sustainable development!” – The True Story of Mr Amit Kumar Das

For almost 3 years, Mr Amit Kumar Das has been a Business Correspondent Sub-agent and operates in the Kultatukura region of Bargarh in Odisha.

Amit is no stranger to the place and he has worked in the same area before being a BCSA (Business Correspondent Sub-agent.) He ran a Jan Seva Kendra but had to discontinue because of low profitability. However, that changed when Amit started to work with Sub-K IMPACT. Today, his CSP or customer service point has grown with time and is still growing.

In that region, the majority of the people are farmers or daily wage labourers and the Opportunity Cost to avail the financial services meant sacrificing the income of an entire day. This is no longer a problem because of the location of Amit’s CSP, which was carefully chosen, and now people can access any service that is convenient for them. It helps the CSP to flourish and at the same time, drives the entire area’s growth.

We, at Sub-K, are proud of the commendable efforts of Mr Amit and his efforts to run the CSP. We are also proud of him for his contribution towards fostering literacy and Financial Awareness in that area. His dedication and untiring spirit are remarkable.