Sub-K / MSME Loan

Small Business Loan

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Loans

Sub-K IMPACT Solutions Ltd., as a Business Correspondent to partner banking and non-banking financial institutions, provides credit offerings to Micro enterprises.

Sub-K offers an efficient and robust process for identifying, assessing, onboarding, and servicing the right set of clients for MSME loan products being offered by its banking and non-banking partners. Sub-K’s services ensure its partners a steadily growing and clean portfolio which services MSMEs.

Sub-K understands how access to credit can spur someone’s business, by increasing stock, extending product mix, expanding operational areas, etc. We have seen how it helps in increasing the MSME’s revenues, gives them an opportunity to serve their customers better and also leads to increase in their customer base.

Sub-K facilitates MSME loans in a very customer-friendly way, with reduced turnaround time (from application to disbursement), with less paperwork and cordial and accessible field staff. Sub-K works ethically in the field, making it easy and convenient for entrepreneurs to get loans from renowned and trustworthy financial institutions.

Sub-K, as a business correspondent, provides micro enterprises

  • Collateral free business loans
  • Loans for businesses with amounts ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 10,00,000
  • Extremely competitive interest rates
  • Minimal processing, inspection, and documentation charges
  • Doorstep provision of service throughout the onboarding process

Sub-K’s USP

  • Data backed decision making (DDDM) across its processes
  • Core Banking Solutions compatible technology infrastructure
  • Over 20 years’ worth institutional knowledge of the sector
  • Carefully designed, nuanced and replicable SOPs
  • A Plug and play model for starting MSME loan portfolios in fresh geographies

MSME Process Flow

MSME Loan Process Flow