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After joining Sub-K, I have been able to deliver on my professional responsibilities as well as personal duties

Kanhaiya Kumar Prajapati, a Customer Relationship Officer in Alwar, Rajasthan has been a part of the Sub-K family since 2016. Over this period, he has been instrumental in building and strengthening the agent network of Sub-K in Rajasthan.

Despite Alwar’s vast area, he has never allowed the size of the region to affect his efficiency. In addition to using technology to solve any issues faced by E-Mitras and BCSAs, Kanhaiya travels approximately 100 kms a day to maintain the smooth flow of operations. Because of his dedication and hard work, he has become a top performer in the region.

Sub-K is proud of employees such as Kanhaiya, who through their commitment, discipline and work ethic, yield exemplary results and set an example for their colleagues.