Water Wheel Distribution


Reducing the drudgery of water collection for marginalised families


  • Support marginalised families with waterwheels, which will improve the health and hygiene of families with clean and potable water
  • To reduce the drudgery of water collection for selected marginalised families.

Water wheels are very easy for women to roll from a distance, and even children can roll them very easily. The waterwheel is hygienic as it has a wide mouth opening, which facilitates easy pouring and easy cleaning. Waterwheel has the capacity to carry 45 Litres of water at a time; it is two times more efficient than head loading and in only two rounds one can carry as much as 90 litres of water which is sufficient for a family of 4 to 5 on a daily basis. All this makes water wheels an effective, safe, and durable alternative to carrying water in pots over one’s head.


Results and Impact 

  •  Reduced suffering caused by heavy loads
  •  Improved hygiene and health condition
  •  Empowered women and children
  •  Improved morale and personal dignity
  •  More time for economic activities
  •  More time for education