Our Corona Warriors

In India, Business Correspondents (BCs) have played a vital role in promoting financial inclusion. It is through these Business Correspondents that basic banking needs of people in rural, semi-urban or remote areas, where bank branches are not present, have been met. Without the sincere efforts of the Business Correspondent Channel, it would not have been possible to cater to the financial needs of the underbanked.

When COVID-19 began spreading globally, India was also forced to lockdown. Even during this time, it was the BC Channel that continued providing essential banking services such as cash withdrawal, playing a critical role in the successful implementation of the government’s Direct Benefit Transfer schemes for providing immediate succour to the citizens.

Business Correspondents, similar to banking and financial services, were listed under essential service providers and allowed to continue operations, while most of the country remained behind closed doors. These BCSAs (agents) braved all odds, despite facing significant threat of infection, not only to themselves but also to their families, and ensured that they offered their services to all those who sought them. Understanding the gravity of the situation, they ensured sanitization of their outlets, made arrangements to ensure social distancing, and followed all hygiene norms and even educated their customers about them.

Despite facing various challenges, these BC agents were able to discharge their duties effectively during this critical juncture and have emerged as true “Corona Warriors” in our country’s battle against COVID-19.  They understood the importance of their presence in these areas and tirelessly discharged their professional duties towards customers, all the while adhering to precautions for their customers’ safety.

We, at Sub-K IMPACT Solutions, thank all our BC agents for seamlessly providing essential services by aiding cash withdrawals to help people in need of money to buy daily supplies, medicines, etc. In celebration of the extraordinary courage and dedication shown by our agents, we would like to share a few glimpses of our “Corona Warriors” at work.