Distribution of School kits to underprivileged children

Education represents a critical area of action to realize India’s growth potential and make it inclusive, by enabling children from all sections of society to have access to quality basic education that equips them for taking up higher education or job-oriented skill training. At the same time, India’s institutions of higher learning also require investment in capacity building to support India’s growing and evolving needs and become global centers of excellence.

The dropout rates in government schools for innumerable reasons have been one of the primary concerns of India in achieving its literacy targets. Along with endemic poverty and social Inequality, education remains inaccessible for millions of children in India. One of the key reasons that have come to light was the issue of affordability. The families were not able to afford the basic things needed for their children’s education, such as books, stationery, etc. 

Under our CSR Initiative, Sub-K Liye Sub-K Saath, we distributed education kits across locations in India. An educated nation is an empowered nation, and we are doing our bit in working towards this mission.