Distribution of School kits to underprivileged children

Sub-K’s CSR objective is to pro-actively support meaningful socio-economic development in India and enable a larger number of people to participate in and benefit from India’s economic progress. This is based on the belief that growth and development are effective only when they result in wider access to opportunities and benefit a broader section of society. The aim is to identify critical areas of development that require investments and intervention, and which can help to realise India’s potential for growth and prosperity.

The dropout rates in government schools for innumerable reasons have been one of primary concerns of India in achieving its literacy targets. Along with endemic poverty and social Inequality, education remains inaccessible for millions of children in India. One of the key reasons that has come to light was the issue of affordability. The families were not able to afford the basic things needed for their children’s education, such as books, stationery, etc.