Distribution of Oxygen Cylinders during Covid 2nd Wave

Sub-K’s CSR objective is to proactively support meaningful socio-economic development in India, and during the Covid 19 crisis, in partnership with Swasth Alliance and Impact Guru Foundation, we did exactly that.

Sub-K granted INR 10 lakhs towards delivering 15 oxygen concentrators, thereby impacting lives across 8 districts in India. From April to June 15, Swasth Alliance used an allocation model to identify acutely distressed districts and deployed concentrators and cylinders, as fast as possible. Concentrators that were deployed in Delhi and other urban areas to meet surge demand during the beginning of the second wave were re-deployed in areas with weak healthcare infrastructure.

The impact of the oxygen devices has been far reaching. Hospitals have set up extra beds to provide care to patients using these devices. PHCs and CHCs, some of whom were unable to treat COVID-19 patients, were able to provide care to patients.