Sub-K / Vision, Mission and Values

Vision & Mission

Vision, Mission and Values

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    A World Class institution catalysing equitable and sustainable growth

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    Together, we transform lives by enabling financial inclusion through innovation and excellence

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    Our CODE of Ethics sets out the Values and Principles which all Sub-K employees must respect and adhere to in their dealings with internal & external stakeholders


We believe in working in close coordination with one another and with various partners to get the best results. We ensure mutual respect, cross-functional interactions and co-creation of solutions for effective mission fulfilment


We believe that open culture fosters innovation and creativity that are crucial for our success. We encourage free exchange of ideas, honest communication and transparency


We firmly believe in our Vision & Mission and are highly committed to achieve them. Our strong work ethic, customer centricity and responsibility to partners is what drives us towards excellence


We strongly believe in understanding the perspectives of our colleagues, customers and partners and are constantly working to ensure that their needs are met in the fairest possible manner