About ViTranSP

ViTran”, in Hindi, means distribution. As a distribution service provider, it is only logical that our transaction engine be called ViTranSP. Virtual Transaction Service Provider. This engine architecture has been conceived for multi-modal matrix utilization as evidenced visually below. This model has become a preferred standard for several banks, for use across all their Business Correspondent networks

Key features of our ViTranSP

  • Virtual Float Management
  • Daily Reconciliation
  • Single Pool Account Concept

Sub-K Technology Architecture

Transaction flow:

Customer will walk-in to the Sub-K BCSA’s location and will BCSA will initiate the transaction in his mobile. Transaction will be authenticated locally by Sub-K/Centrally by the Bank/UIDAI and transaction details request will be submitted to the CBS after successful authentication. On receipt of the success response from Sub-K Server to his mobile, BCSA will receive the cash or handover the cash to the customer along with the receipt.