Sub-K / Microfinance Loan – Technology

Vision & Mission

Microfinance LoanTechnology

Since inception, Sub-K has endeavored to bring about digital transformation in every aspect of business. We believe that digital intervention can help us reach out to more customers, and raise awareness about digital finance, all the while making financial assistance more and more accessible and affordable. The Sub-K MFI App, precisely curated for Sub-K’s microfinance customers, acts as the sole platform that connects banking partners with loan officers working at grassroot level.

Key Features

  • Easily accessible dashboard for all stakeholders
  • Reduced Turn-Around-Time (TAT)
  • Limited manual/paper-based process
  • Promotes digital banking

Process Flow

Once the customer has cleared the CB check, the app enables a paperless customer application process, where all the customer details and documents can be entered/scanned directly into the application which can be further circulated across various stakeholders for verification. Once the verification is complete, the loan amount is directly transferred to the customer’s bank account.