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The True Story of Mr Kapil Dev Shah

Kapil Dev Shah is a man well into his 50s, is as energetic as a youngster. He owns a furniture business in New Delhi. A business is ever changing and he has seen his business go through numerous such changes. It is at times of such change that Kapil goes one up and updates his wares.

Access to credit at reasonable terms has been a challenge for him and this time around he moved beyond the regular sources of credit and reached out to us at Sub-K. He applied for a Small Business loan of Rs 2 lacs and got a loan granted for himself. He immediately put that money to add variety to his furniture portfolio.

Kapil says thanks to the timely loan, he is now witnessing a surge in footfall. His sales have gone up by at least 50%. He has also started taking corporate orders. These steps of prosperity that our customers take is what we at Sub-K take absolute pride in.