Narsaiah, an entrepreneur

This store was first started by Narsaiah as a PCO 'Public Call Office'. Sub-K selected Narsaiah's store because of his popularity and the reputation in the village. Narsaiah could see huge entrepreneurial opportunities and relevant business training he needed in Sub-K. Along with banking services to the villagers, Narsaiah has added a photocopier and digital photo printer to his businesses. He has truly made his store a convenience outlet for almost all day-to-day needs of the villagers.

Punit Kumar

27 years old graduate from Anta, District, Baran, Rajasthan was meeting the his financial needs filling online application forms which could help him take home Rs 7000/- per month.

Basix Sub-K’s E Mitra initiative was a huge opportunity for Punit and got registered as VLE in Aug, 2014. Though it was not a smooth beginning initially, his perseverance and hard work along with regular training by Basix Sub-K Kota Centre kept improving his performance from a meagre transactions in the first month to gradually increasing them. In September 2015 he did 1260 transactions and earned a commission of Rs 22,109/-. Punit’s achievement was an inspiration for other VLEs. Punit is also looking for more business avenues with Sub-K to increase his income.

Nar Singh Purohit,

aged 50 yrs, educated upto 12th class, earns around Rs.10,000 p.m by operating a ration shop (a govt. notified Public Distribution dealer to distribute groceries to BPL families at subsidized price) from Phalodi in Jodhpur district. In September 2014, he diversified his business by adding Basix Sub-K E-Mitra business. He took regular training sessions from Jodhpur Centre and the added advantage of better footfall to his outlet, E Mitra transactions count stared growing steadily. After an year of running this business, just in one month Sept’2015, 2,308 transactions was a reality and earned a commission of Rs 54714/-. Nar Singh is happy to take on other business generating activities through Basix Sub-K.

Shankar Lal Patel

a 31 years old news reporter for Rajasthan Patrika in Udaipur was not very happy with his earnings as a reporter and decided to diversify his business. He applied for E Mitra kiosk in Feb’15 and was allotted a kiosk in Mar’15. Soon he realized the potential of E Mitra and started to devote his energies on providing services to the customers. Shankar Lal collected over 300 and 350 applications in a single day for Bhamashah Scheme and ration card respectively. He also engaged in organizing camps for enrollment after giving wide publicity. This paid him dividends by earning a commission of Rs 41,500/- in September 2015.

N Guruswamy says

“I am happy to be associated with SubK and RBL bank. Now I am also part of a reputed bank this gives me good opportunity to offer the financial services to those who stay in remote areas and their need is limited to small financial banking transactions, at the same time I am doing great business, thank you all and SubK”

This is the shop of Guruswamy in Gaganpad location in Hyderabad. He was running an internet-cum-stationery shop. Sub-K identified his potential to become a BC agent. Looking at the business potential in becoming a BC agent for Sub-K, Guruswamy signed an agreement with Sub-K in Sept’2014; this was exactly the period when Sub-K also had launched remittance services in July’2014.

Within six months of adding this new business line, Guruswamy has done around 7060 transactions amounting to 2,35,35,288 resulting in earning a revenue of Rs.1,46,000. He could achieve this by following the basic mantra which was customer satisfaction.