Sub-K / ANM – Technology

BC Agents Technology


The term “ViTran” in Hindi means distribution. Drawing inspiration from that meaning, we chose to name our transaction engine, ViTranSP. ViTran SP stands for “Virtual Transaction Service Provider.” The architecture of this engine was specially designed for multi-modal matrix utilization, and that is clearly depicted in the pictorial depiction given below. The model was accepted as a preferred standard by a number of banks, and they used it across their every Business Correspondent network.

Key features

  • A concept of Single Pool Account
  • Daily Reconciliation
  • Virtual Float Management

Transaction Flow

When a customer walks into any location of Sub-K BCSA, the BCSA will use his or her mobile to initiate the transaction. The transaction will be then authenticated locally by Sub-K/Centrally by the Bank/UIDAI. After the successful authentication, the transaction details request will be then presented to the CBS. As soon as the BCSA receives the receipt of the success response, he or she will receive the cash, and then the money will be handed over to the customer with the receipt.

ViTranSP plays a crucial role in Agent Network Management. The Agent Management Network or just briefly ANM, is another innovative method of providing transactional platforms to the unbanked population. With the ANM programs, we appoint agents functioning as a link between our end customers and banks.